20 Best Shapewear Recommended by Online Shoppers

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In the ever-evolving realm of fashion, where styles shift and trends transform, one constant remains: the pursuit of the perfect silhouette. Whether you're slipping into a figure-hugging dress for a special evening or seeking that seamless finish under everyday wear, shapewear has emerged as the secret weapon in every style-savvy individual's wardrobe. But with a market saturated in options, how does one find the crème de la crème? Fear not, for we have scoured the depths of online reviews, testimonials, and ratings to bring you a curated list of the top 20 shapewear pieces that have won the hearts (and figures!) of shoppers around the globe. Dive in and discover your next body-confidence booster!

1. Elevate Your Silhouette: Lindex Lana's Shapewear Masterpiece

When dressing for any occasion, the foundation makes all the difference. Introducing the Lindex Lana firm control shapewear bodysuit - your best-kept secret to achieving that seamless, body-hugging fit. Whether you're slipping into a sultry backless dress or a chic romper, this bodysuit skims flawlessly over your curves, ensuring your waist and hips are beautifully accentuated. The low scoop neck is perfect for pairing with your favorite bra, while its plain design means it discreetly hides beneath your clothes. Rated highly in reviews by women who love its comfortable yet controlling touch, this is the underwear solution you've been waiting for. Don't just dress; shape and slim with the best in the game.

Latest reviews

Perfect smoothing effect! As comfortable as shape wear can be! And has an opening so you don’t have to take it all off to use the toilet! PERFECT! love it

Love this body suit, I wear my bra on top. Totally sucks you in and creates a smooth silhouette. So worth the money, great quality and the pee hole is welcome too! Wish they made this in other skin tones!

This is wellnworth the monies, held everything in and just gave the best support!!

Price: $45 | Buy on Asos

2. Embrace the Allure: Eyelash Lace Shapewear Mastery

Introducing the Eyelash Lace Spaghetti Strap Shapewear, where chic meets sexy. This black masterpiece delicately skims your body, accentuating every curve while offering optimal control. With a low-cut neckline and spaghetti straps, it seamlessly transitions from daily wear to night-time splendor. Its contrast lace decoration exudes an aura of sophistication, making it not just a piece of shapewear, but a statement of elegance. Let your body embrace the best in shaping, and wear your confidence like the powerful woman you are. Experience the epitome of comfort and style, all in one.

Price: $17 | Buy on Chicme

3. Elegance in Every Curve: The Seamless Almond Tan Mastery

Discover the best of shapewear with the Yummie Seamless Solutions Almond Tan High-Waisted Brief. It’s not just underwear; it’s a statement of confidence. Designed to give your body the best form, it seamlessly hides under any dress or shirt. The high-waist feature ensures a smooth silhouette around the stomach and waist areas, making every curve more pronounced and controlled. With its no-slip strip, you can dance, strut, and move freely without a care in the world. Feel comfortable, look stunning, and embrace the ultimate body shaping experience. Elevate your wardrobe with a touch of elegance that only Yummie can offer.

Price: $34 | Buy on Lulus

4. The Ultimate Contour: Magic Bodyfashion's Shapewear Revolution

Discover the transformative power of Magic's low back contour shaping bodysuit, the pinnacle of shapewear engineering. Designed with precision, this bodysuit skims the body to provide light control for both the tummy and lower back, effortlessly sculpting your silhouette. Its thong detail promises a seamless look under even the most form-fitting clothes. The innovative low-back design and built-in support under the bust mean it's versatile enough to wear with or without a bra. So, whether you're planning to don that backless dress or a sleek jumpsuit, this bodysuit is rated among the best for ensuring you look and feel impeccable. Embrace the confidence that only the best shapewear can offer!

Latest reviews

I bought a medium based on the size guided but should have gone a small - I’m a size 12 (34 E chest) and 5ft 1. Has no control around the chest so will need to wear something for support which defeats purpose of body suit. Also don’t buy multiple sizes as once opened can’t return. The is low which is what I bought it for so that’s a good feature

I've returned it, didn't fit me as the cut was too low and it defeats the whole purpose of shapewear

REally fits well and wish they did it with a racer back design, great for dresses!!!

Price: $28 | Buy on Asos

5. Master Your Curves: The Ultimate Tummy Control Experience

Discover the magic of the Hook Front Tummy Control Shapewear Underwear, the ultimate essential for every woman's wardrobe. Designed to skim and sculpt, this piece offers unparalleled control over your belly and waist, creating that desired slim silhouette. Perfect for daily wear, it ensures your body is always dressed in its best shape, whether under a dress or a shirt. It's not just underwear, it's a commitment to yourself, promising comfort and confidence in every stride. Embrace the best of shaping technology and wear your elegance effortlessly.

Price: $13 | Buy on Chicme

6. Shape in Style: The Seamless Elegance of Contouring

Introducing the Lindex firm control bodysuit – the best shaping solution for every fashion-forward woman. With its seamless design, it not only reduces friction but guarantees a slim and smooth silhouette, perfect for every dress or shirt you own. The bodysuit's fixed straps and scoop back offer a comfortable yet chic wear, while the short cut provides added versatility. Let your body take center stage and shine with confidence, thanks to the impeccable shaping and contouring offered by this standout piece. Dive into the realm of effortless elegance and embrace your most radiant form.

Price: $53 | Buy on Asos

7. Experience Elegance with Magic: The Espresso Shapewear Revolution

Dive into the world of refined shaping with the Magic Bodyfashion comfort shapewear thong in a rich espresso hue. Designed for those who value both form and function, its high-rise cut ensures your waist is beautifully accentuated, while the elasticized waistband provides that much-coveted comfortable fit. The thong design promises a seamless silhouette, making it the best undergarment choice for those figure-hugging dresses or tailored pants. Women everywhere are raving in reviews about its effortless blend of light shaping and ultimate comfort. Let your body shine with the best, and choose Magic.

Price: $21 | Buy on Asos

8. Sleek Silhouettes: The Black Magic of Seamless Perfection

Elevate your dress game with the Yummie Seamless Solutions Black High-Waisted Shapewear Thong. It's the best-kept secret for women wanting a seamless and slim silhouette. Experience unparalleled waist control that subtly shapes your belly, while the skimpy thong design ensures zero visible lines. This is not just another underwear; it's the embodiment of confidence under every outfit, especially backless party numbers. Say goodbye to roll-downs, thanks to the non-slip strips. Embrace the art of shaping with this thong, a love letter to every woman's form.

Latest reviews

— Kristin D
Exactly as expected! Holds everything in, while also being comfortable.

— Heather V
Purchased this to wear with a tighter dress. It was definitely form fitting as it should be, but created weird creases on the sides from being so tight. I think a M/L would have been too big and not compressing enough but maybe it wouldn't make the weird lines. I couldn't wear it under the tight dress, unfortunately!

— Briana K.
Hugs all the right areas and is super sliming, not too tight and fits like a glove!

Price: $34 | Buy on Lulus

9. Elevate Your Confidence: The Art of Perfect Shaping

Elevate your daily wear with the High Waist Tummy Control Butt Lifting Shapewear Underwear. This chic, seamless underwear is the best secret weapon for women aiming for that flawless silhouette. Whether you're donning a dress for a special occasion or wearing your favorite shirt for a day out, its tummy control effortlessly skims and sculpts, while the butt-lifting feature enhances your natural curves. Not only does it offer impeccable shape and control, but its above-knee length and skinny fit ensure it remains discreet, no matter the outfit. Dive into the world of body-confidence and let your shape shine.

Latest reviews

Cotton is a great material for underwear as it is soft, breathable, and absorbent.

Price: $11 | Buy on Chicme

10. Shape with Grace: ASOS DESIGN's Contouring Mastery

Step into the future of shapewear with ASOS DESIGN's contouring medium control shaping dress. Elegantly crafted in a soft beige tone, this dress not only accentuates your waist with its elasticized waistband but also offers an adaptable fit with adjustable straps. The V-neck design complements various outfits, ensuring you can wear it under almost any ensemble. Women are lauding it in reviews for its seamless blending of comfort and control. When it comes to sculpting the body with sophistication, ASOS DESIGN has emerged as one of the best in the shapewear game. Elevate every look with a secret touch of shaping perfection.

Price: $40 | Buy on Asos

11. The Ultimate Shape Shift: Black Elegance Meets Smooth Comfort

Step into the world of undetectable shaping with the Commando Zone Black Smoothing Shapewear Thong. This thong is every woman's best friend, perfecting the body's contours and offering a seamless base layer beneath your favorite dress or skirt. Its ultra-high waist design targets your belly with zoned compression panels, ensuring that your silhouette remains slim and sleek. The lightweight, four-way stretch knit ensures comfort without compromising control. Elevate your wardrobe essentials and experience the love of flawless form with this top-rated shapewear piece.

Latest reviews

— Lilly S.
I ordered a small thinking it would suffocate me but it fits great. I would get a size smaller. Great material and super soft silky fabric. Very breathable.

— Kathleen G.
These are definitely helpful when it comes to smoothing you out but its not a thick material so it only does so much. I'm happy with it and will definitely get good use out of it.

Price: $68 | Buy on Lulus

12. Sleek Elegance: The Ultimate Shaping Solution

Step into a world where your silhouette is transformed with the Commando Classic Control Beige Shapewear Thong. Experience the best in control and shaping, as this high-cut design works wonders in slimming your waist and hips, allowing every dress or shirt to sit flawlessly. Designed with raw-cut microfiber blend, it ensures maximum comfort and a seamless finish. Whether you're slipping into a backless gown or a close-fitting jumpsuit, this thong is the hidden hero ensuring you wear your look with unmatched confidence and grace. Elevate your underwear game and embrace the elegance that every woman deserves.

Latest reviews

— Heather D.
I ordered a Large, and it was very very tight so I sent it back to exchange for an XL. Very excited to find a high waisted thong! This will work well with a dress I ordered from Lulus.

— Ana-Maria C.
Not as compressive as I wanted, but they smoothen up a bit on the sides. Maybe a little bit expensive for the results.

— Kara J.
I ordered these underwear to wear under a flowy dress for a wedding. It did not show through the dress and it was of good quality. But it was extremely tight and kept rolling up, especially sitting down! I followed the size guide but it was still too small for me. I had to go to the restroom several times just to readjust it. Unfortunately, I could not return it due to the nature of the item. If you do purchase this item, size up if you're smaller at the waist and fuller on the bottom like me!

Price: $38 | Buy on Lulus

13. Sculpt in Stealth: Bye Bra's Black Magic

Unveil the secret to a flawless silhouette with Bye Bra's invisible high waist shaping thong. Designed to skim and sculpt your body with precision, its high-rise structure and elastic waist ensure a comfortable, secure fit that celebrates every curve. Whether paired with a backless dress or a fitted jumpsuit, this thong promises seamless integration. Women's reviews rave about its transformative power, making it a top-rated choice in the realm of shapewear. Embrace the art of invisible shaping with the best in understated elegance.

Price: $33 | Buy on Asos

14. Sculpting Perfection: Black Elegance Meets High Waist Control

The High Waist Tummy Control Shapewear Panty is the best kept secret in every stylish woman's wardrobe. Chic and sleek, this shaping underwear is designed to gracefully skim your body, offering exceptional control over your belly and waist. Slide into these panties before your favorite dress or shirt, and revel in the slim silhouette they carve out. Beyond just wear, it's a commitment to enhancing your natural form with comfort and elegance. Embrace the beauty of control and let every outfit shine with confidence.

Latest reviews

- Good fit

- This high-waisted tummy control panty is comfortable and light-weight.

Price: $10 | Buy on Chicme

15. Curve Confidence: Seamless Elegance Meets Perfect Fit

Experience the magic of seamless shaping with the Commando Zone Smoothing Caramel Shapewear Shorts. Designed for the woman who adores her curves, these shorts offer the best of both worlds: light-to-medium compression and targeted panels, ensuring your body looks its absolute best under any dress or skirt. The super-high waist focuses on taming the belly area while giving your hips and thighs a smooth, contoured look. It's not just shapewear; it's a confidence boost in the form of stylish, comfortable shorts. Dive into the world of unrivaled body love and let your curves shine!

Latest reviews

— Deborah P.
This is thin and didn't roll. I need multiples if this in different colors but love this color!

Price: $78 | Buy on Lulus

16. Sleek Shaping with ASOS: The Brown Contour Delight

Indulge in the art of subtle shaping with ASOS DESIGN's contouring medium control short. Crafted to enhance and embrace every curve, its high-rise design ensures optimum waist shaping while the mesh panels add a hint of sophistication. Perfect to wear under a close-fitting dress or leggings, its slimming silhouette has garnered rave reviews from women who adore its comfortable yet transformative touch. Dive into the world of shapewear where form meets function, and let ASOS DESIGN be your guide to the best in body confidence.

Latest reviews

Comfortable and does the job, I just wish there was more suction in the waist area

I bought this shorts almost a month ago and I’ve worn it many times. I’m very happy with the purchase.

Price: $17 | Buy on Asos

17. Elevate Every Look: The Sheer Art of Tummy Control

Introducing the best shapewear bodysuit tailored for the contemporary woman: the Sheer Mesh Tummy Control Slim Waist Crotchless Shapewear Bodysuit. Featuring a v-neck and a semi-sheer design, it's the ultimate piece to skim and shape your body, seamlessly hiding under any dress or shirt. Its skinny fit ensures a slim silhouette that accentuates the waist and hip area, making you feel both comfortable and confident. Dive into an experience of shaping mastery and let your body feel the transformative power of this bodysuit. Transform every outfit into a statement of elegance and control.

Price: $11 | Buy on Chicme

18. Effortlessly Sculpted: The Magic of Seamless Shaping

Step into the world of confidence with the Commando Zone Smoothing Beige Shapewear Shorts. Designed for women who love to let their curves shine, these shorts offer the best of seamless design and control. With a super-high waist and light-to-medium compression, they promise to skim and shape your body perfectly. Whether you're dressing up for a wedding or simply want that flawless silhouette under your favorite dress, this shapewear is the secret weapon every woman should have in her wardrobe. Embrace the art of looking and feeling your best with every wear.

Latest reviews

— Deborah P.
This is thin and didn't roll. I need multiples if this in different colors but love this color!

Price: $78 | Buy on Lulus

19. Spanx Elegance: The Ultimate Plunge into Shapewear Perfection

Step into the world of impeccable shapewear with Spanx's Suit Your Fancy bodysuit. Featuring a plunging neckline and adjustable straps, this black beauty is tailor-made for those daring low-back dresses. The thong cut ensures seamless integration, letting you wear your favorite outfits with renewed confidence. Celebrated in numerous reviews for its slimming prowess and comfortable fit, this bodysuit is an ode to every woman's desire for form and function in perfect harmony. Dive deep into shaping elegance and let Spanx redefine your body contouring journey.

Price: $119 | Buy on Asos

20. The Art of Elegance: Black Contouring Mastery

Elevate your everyday with Lindex Janelle's medium support contouring brief, the pinnacle of shapewear luxury. Designed with precision, this high-rise panty carves out the best silhouette, making every body type look exceptionally sleek and slim. Its high-cut leg emphasizes the thighs and hips, adding an air of confidence to every dress or shirt ensemble. The soft and stretchy jersey ensures a comfortable wear, allowing every woman to embrace her form with style. Revel in the art of shaping and let your body radiate the utmost elegance.

Price: $18 | Buy on Asos

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