Top 30 Tennis Dresses for On and Off the Court

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In this feature, we'll serve up the crème de la crème of tennis dresses, showcasing designs that blend performance with high fashion, ensuring that players look as good as their game. 

Our review spans from classic, time-honored pieces that pay homage to the sport's traditions, to modern, cutting-edge designs that push the boundaries of what athletic wear can be. 

Fashion Trends 2024 in Tennis Dresses

This year's trends are all about empowering players with style, comfort, and performance, ensuring that every match is played in high fashion. Let's dive into the key fashion trends dominating the tennis courts in 2024.

Sustainable Chic

Eco-conscious fashion has made a grand slam in the world of tennis dresses. Brands are increasingly adopting sustainable practices, utilizing recycled materials and eco-friendly fabrics that don't compromise on style or performance. These dresses not only look good but also make a positive impact on the planet, allowing players to make a statement about their environmental values.

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Bold Prints and Patterns

Gone are the days of monochrome monotony. 2024 sees a surge in bold prints and vibrant patterns, with designers drawing inspiration from various cultures, nature, and abstract art. These eye-catching designs allow players to showcase their unique style, adding a splash of color and personality to the traditional white tennis attire.

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High-Tech Fabrics

Innovation in fabric technology is setting new standards for comfort and performance. Moisture-wicking materials, UV protection, and breathable meshes are becoming the norm, ensuring that players remain cool, dry, and comfortable during the most intense matches. These high-tech fabrics not only enhance athletic performance but also maintain their shape and color, making them a stylish and practical choice for both amateur and professional players.

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Retro Revival

Retro styles are making a comeback, with a modern twist. Inspired by the iconic tennis fashion of the '70s and '80s, designers are reintroducing pleated skirts, classic polos, and streamlined silhouettes. These vintage-inspired dresses are updated with contemporary fabrics and fits, offering a nod to the past while catering to the modern athlete's needs.

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Versatility and Functionality

Today's tennis dresses are designed with versatility in mind, perfect for transitioning from the court to casual wear. Detachable layers, adjustable straps, and built-in support provide functionality without sacrificing style. 

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TOP Tennis Dresses based on ratings and feedback

Best Tennis Dress With Shorts

The Bliss Dri-FIT Training Dress by Nike, in sleek black, redefines athletic wear with its innovative design. This dress features a stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric that ensures maximum flexibility and comfort during intense workouts. Its built-in shorts allow for complete freedom of movement, letting you focus entirely on your performance. The scoop neck and sleeveless silhouette enhance breathability, while the advanced Dri-FIT technology keeps you dry and comfortable. Perfect for the tennis court or any training session, this dress combines functionality with style effortlessly.

Price: $42 | Buy on Nordstrom

Best Plus Size Tennis Dress

The HDE Women's Plus Size Tennis Athletic Workout Dress, available in classic black, offers a perfect blend of style and functionality for the active plus-size woman. Designed with built-in shorts and a supportive shelf bra with soft molded cups, it ensures comfort and coverage. Adjustable thick straps and a flattering square neckline complement the silhouette, while the moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry. With practical pockets in the no-ride biker shorts, this dress is ideal for tennis, golf, or any sporty activity, seamlessly transitioning from your workout to social outings.

Price: $45 | Buy on Amazon

Best Long Sleeve Tennis Dress

The JACK SMITH Women's Tennis Golf Dress combines athletic functionality with stylish design, featuring long sleeves for added coverage and comfort. Crafted from 4-way stretch, wrinkle-resistant fabric, it ensures moisture-wicking and sun protection, keeping you cool and protected. The innovative design includes a zipper closure, lapel polo neck for a flattering neckline, and comes with breathable lightweight mesh detachable shorts and two pockets for essentials. Its A-line silhouette and pleated contrast color enhance your figure while offering versatility for various occasions, from sports to casual gatherings.

Price: $15 | Buy on Amazon

Best Sexy Tennis Dress

The LSPACE Patterson Cutout Dress in a captivating moss color redefines the tennis dress by infusing it with a sexy, modern twist. Designed with built-in shorts for practicality and pull-on styling for ease, this dress features unique cutout details that offer a glimpse of allure while maintaining athletic functionality. Made from a blend of polyester and spandex, it promises both comfort and flexibility, allowing you to move freely on the court. This dress is not just about performance; it's a statement piece that blends sport with fashion, perfect for those who dare to stand out.

Price: $150 | Buy on Anthropologie

Best Short Tennis Dress

The Vida Colorblock Tennis Dress by Beach Riot, featuring an Amour Colorblock design, is a standout piece for the court with its short, supportive, and utility-focused style. Its strappy open back not only offers a captivating look but also ensures freedom of movement, while the built-in shorts with pockets provide convenience for storing essentials. The scoop neck and sleeveless design enhance comfort and mobility, making it an ideal choice for athletes who value both functionality and fashion. Crafted from a blend of polyester and spandex, it promises ease of wear and care, ensuring you stay focused on your game and style.

Price: $42 | Buy on Nordstrom

Best Pleated Tennis Dress

The Nixie 33" Dress in Onyx Black, from Tail's Active Collection, redefines elegance on the tennis court with its sophisticated design. This quarter-zip sleeveless dress features a stylish fold-over collar and a beautifully pleated hem, offering a classic yet contemporary look perfect for tennis, brunch, or any social occasion. Crafted from Cool Touch Double Knit fabric, it promises comfort and durability with UPF 50+ protection, though it's important to note it does not include shorties. This pleated tennis dress combines fashion with functionality, making it a versatile addition to your athletic wardrobe.

Price: $99 | Buy on Tailactivewear

Best Polo Tennis Dress

The x BANDIER Quarter Zip Performance Tennis Dress & Shorts Set by Lacoste, showcased in Aj0 Blanc/ Marine-Marine, embodies the ideal fusion of elegance and utility for the discerning athlete. This polo tennis dress captivates with its stand collar and sleeveless design, providing a timeless aesthetic alongside cutting-edge functionality. Accompanied by form-fitting compression shorts, it ensures maximum mobility and support during play. The quarter zip feature adds a layer of customizable comfort, making this set a top choice for players looking for an outfit that marries classic style with modern athletic demands.

Price: $145 | Buy on Nordstrom

Best Short Sleeve Tennis Dress

This Women's Two Piece Tennis Golf Dress set in elegant black delivers both style and versatility for active lifestyles. It features a short sleeve polo dress enhanced with a zipper at both the neckline and hem, offering adjustable style and comfort. The ensemble is complemented by separate, high-waisted leggings shorts that include a pocket and provide tummy control, blending functionality with fashion. The fabric is soft, breathable, and stretchy, designed for moisture-wicking to keep you comfortable. This set is perfect for a range of activities, from sports to casual outings, allowing for customizable looks with its mix-and-match potential.

Price: $38 | Buy on Amazon

Best Tennis Dress With Collar

The Easton Back Pleat Polo Minidress by Varley, in classic white, offers a chic and athletic silhouette perfect for the tennis court. This dress features a stylish ribbed collar that adds a touch of sophistication to the traditional tennis attire. The sleeveless design ensures freedom of movement, while the playful pleats at the back provide extra flair and mobility, allowing for dynamic play. Ideal for those seeking to combine elegance with performance, this tennis dress with a collar is designed to keep you looking and feeling confident throughout your match.

Price: $128 | Buy on Nordstrom

Best Vintage Tennis Dress

The Upside Bounce Chelsea Mini Dress in classic navy embodies a vintage tennis dress aesthetic, offering a nod to timeless style with its sleek design and pullover styling. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, this dress prioritizes comfort and sustainability, making it an excellent choice for those who value eco-friendly fashion. Its simple yet elegant silhouette ensures versatility, allowing it to transition seamlessly from the tennis court to casual outings. This dress combines the charm of yesteryears with modern sustainability, making it a must-have for the fashion-forward athlete.

Price: $190 | Buy on Anthropologie

Best High Neck Tennis Dress

The Windsor 33" Dress in Navy Blue, part of the Baseline Collection by Tail, introduces a sophisticated high neck tennis dress designed to blend athletic functionality with feminine elegance. Featuring a sleeveless design with a mock neck and charming ruffle hem, this dress offers a blend of style and comfort on the court. Crafted from Cool Touch Double Knit fabric, it ensures breathability and flexibility, complemented by UPF 50+ protection for sunny days. Complete with shorties for added coverage, this high-neck dress is perfect for athletes who value both performance and fashion.

Price: $95 | Buy on Tailactivewear

Best Cotton Tennis Dress

The BGOWATU Women's Tennis Dress in vibrant green offers a sleek, sleeveless design ideal for athletes seeking both style and functionality. Featuring moisture-wicking and quick-dry technology, it ensures you stay cool and comfortable during rigorous activities. The dress's 4-way stretch fabric enhances mobility, allowing for a natural range of motion, while the collarless half-zip front adds a touch of elegance and convenience for easy on-off. Designed for versatility, this dress is perfect for tennis, golf, or any sport, as well as casual wear, making it a staple in any active wardrobe.

Price: $30 | Buy on Amazon

Best Square Neck Tennis Dress

The Varley Square-Neck Cross-Back Mini Dress in elegant ivory is a contemporary take on the classic tennis dress, blending fashion with athletic functionality. Its distinctive square neckline and cross-back design not only offer a modern, stylish look but also ensure comfort and support during play. This dress is perfect for athletes who appreciate a blend of sophistication and sportiness. The pullover styling allows for easy wear, making it a versatile choice for on-court performance or off-court leisure. Crafted for those seeking a minimalist yet striking tennis outfit, this dress stands out in both design and functionality.

Price: $138 | Buy on Anthropologie

Best Colors and Prints


A white tennis dress is a timeless choice for players seeking both style and functionality on the court. The color white reflects sunlight, keeping athletes cooler during intense matches, and offers a classic, crisp appearance that stands out in both competitive and casual settings. This versatile piece not only enhances performance through its breathable and lightweight fabric but also adheres to traditional tennis attire standards, making it a perfect option for tournaments and club play.

Price: $99 | Buy on Tailactivewear


A black tennis dress offers a sleek and powerful look for players aiming to make a statement on the court. The color black is known for its slimming effect and ability to hide stains, making it a practical choice for rigorous play or all-day tournaments. Moreover, black fabric can provide UV protection, absorbing harmful rays and helping players focus on their game without the distraction of overheating, ensuring both style and comfort during play.

Price: $118 | Buy on Nordstrom


A pink tennis dress brings a vibrant and feminine touch to the tennis court, allowing players to express their personal style while engaging in the sport. The color pink stands out against the green of the court and the traditional white tennis attire, offering a refreshing pop of color that can boost a player's mood and confidence. Additionally, pink tennis dresses are often designed with innovative fabric technologies that ensure breathability and moisture-wicking, keeping athletes comfortable and focused during intense matches.

Price: $128 | Buy on Nordstrom


A red tennis dress stands out on the court, embodying energy, passion, and a bold statement of confidence. This vibrant color can psychologically boost the player's presence, potentially intimidating opponents while providing a motivational lift to the wearer. Additionally, red is highly visible, making it easier for coaches and spectators to track movement, ensuring that the athlete not only plays well but also captures the audience's attention with their dynamic appearance.

Price: $98 | Buy on Anthropologie


A green tennis dress offers a refreshing and lively option for players looking to bring a touch of nature onto the court. This color symbolizes balance, growth, and renewal, potentially enhancing the player's sense of well-being and focus during the game. Furthermore, green's variety of shades, from light pastels to deep emeralds, provides a wide range of options to match different personal styles and settings, ensuring players can find a hue that not only boosts their performance but also complements the outdoor or indoor court environment.

Price: $78 | Buy on Nordstrom


A navy tennis dress exudes elegance and professionalism, offering players a sophisticated alternative to the traditional white. The deep blue hue is not only flattering on a variety of skin tones but also less prone to showing sweat stains, allowing for a polished look throughout matches and practice sessions. Its versatility makes it suitable for both competitive play and casual wear, bridging the gap between athletic performance and fashion-forward style, thereby making it a staple in any tennis enthusiast's wardrobe.

Price: $90 | Buy on Tailactivewear


A purple tennis dress offers a unique blend of creativity and luxury, setting players apart with its rich, vibrant tones. Symbolizing royalty and ambition, wearing purple on the court can boost confidence and convey a sense of individuality and strength. Additionally, the color's versatility in shades, from soft lavenders to deep plums, allows for personal expression and can complement various skin tones, making it a dynamic and flattering choice for athletes seeking both style and distinction in their game.

Price: $42 | Buy on Nordstrom


A yellow tennis dress radiates energy and optimism, instantly brightening the court with its lively hue. This vibrant color can enhance visibility, making it easier for players to keep an eye on each other during fast-paced matches. Moreover, yellow is associated with happiness and mental clarity, potentially uplifting the player's mood and concentration during the game, which are crucial for maintaining high performance and enjoying the sport to its fullest.

Price: $37 | Buy on Amazon


An orange tennis dress is a bold and energetic choice, embodying enthusiasm and a sense of adventure on the court. This vibrant color not only stands out in a crowd, enhancing the player's visibility, but it also injects a playful and positive vibe into the game, potentially boosting morale and energy levels. Additionally, orange is versatile enough to suit a range of skin tones and environments, from clay courts to grass, making it a striking yet functional option for athletes who wish to combine high visibility with a strong fashion statement.

Price: $90 | Buy on Tailactivewear

Black And White

A black and white tennis dress offers a classic and sophisticated look, combining the timeless elegance of black with the purity and simplicity of white. This contrast not only creates a visually striking appearance on the court but also offers versatility, matching easily with other accessories and equipment. The combination of these two colors can serve to enhance the athlete's presence, making movements more noticeable to spectators and opponents alike, while also adhering to traditional tennis dress codes with a modern twist.

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A floral tennis dress brings a fresh and feminine flair to the court, blending the worlds of fashion and functionality. The vibrant patterns can boost the player's mood and confidence, offering a psychological edge by making them feel more positive and energized during play. Moreover, floral designs allow for personal expression through a variety of colors and styles, catering to individual tastes while maintaining the breathability and comfort essential for high performance. This makes a floral tennis dress not just a stylish choice, but a practical one for players looking to stand out and stay comfortable during their matches.

Price: $45 | Buy on Tailactivewear

Light Pink

A light pink tennis dress combines soft femininity with athletic performance, offering a gentle yet powerful statement on the court. This delicate hue promotes a sense of calm and positivity, potentially enhancing the player's focus and emotional balance during competitive play. Additionally, its subtle color can reflect sunlight to keep athletes cool, while providing a versatile look that pairs well with various accessories and footwear, making it a favored choice for players seeking both style and practicality in their tennis wardrobe.

Price: $108 | Buy on Nordstrom

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